Jean Hamilton-Fford, TISocORI, Shedding Light, Reveal Your Commitment

Reveal Your Commitment

Reveal your commitment. What does that look like, sound like, and feel like to you? Pause for a moment and reflect.

Commit to Your Endeavor

Jean Hamilton-Fford, TISocORI, Shedding Light, Reveal Your Commitment, Commit to Your Endeavor

Make a decision to commit to your dreams. Whatever they may be, they can only come to pass if you will put your very best into them.

  1. Daydream. Dream big, bigger, and bigger still. Everything is possible. What will your endeavor be?
  2. What one thing can you do to begin? Pull your dream a little closer by taking one action, just one. Put your very best into it. Nurture it.
  3. Move forward one day at a time. Each day, grab hold of your biggest dream and do one thing, just one, to pull it closer to you.
  4. Make every obstacle an opportunity. There is no need to panic. Every obstacle is a gift in disguise. Remember to breathe and ask for an answer. Then, receive it with gratitude when it reveals itself.
  5. Celebrate every step. Every step pulls your dream closer to you. Every step brings new clarity, possibility, and purpose.

Commit to Yourself

Jean Hamilton-Fford, TISocORI, Shedding Light, Reveal Your Commitment, Commit to Yourself

Make a decision to commit to yourself. No one knows you like you do. If you don’t think you know yourself, that’s okay. The question is, ‘Who am I today?’

  1. Write a new story every day. Every day brings new experiences. Every day gives you an opportunity to choose what you want to see, hear, and feel.
  2. Mind your self-talk. Decide to experience every thought and shift it to the most robustly positive and empowered thought you can have.
  3. Be kind to yourself. Listen to your body. When you are tired, rest; hungry, eat; thirsty, drink. When you are curious, play.
  4. Reflect on your reflection. You are divine perfection. Every cell of your body supports what you want to create. Nourish and nurture yourself and you will be nourished and nurtured.
  5. Celebrate all of who you are. There is only one of you – ever. Celebrate your style, personality, sense of humor, and grace. You are phenomenal!

Commit to Expansion

Jean Hamilton-Fford, TISocORI, Shedding Light, Reveal Your Commitment, Commit to Expansion

We are always expanding. When you commit to expansion, to your personal growth and development, you need a few extras.

  1. Get some extra rest. Rest allows the body and mind to relax, review, regenerate, and renew. Support your expansion with extra rest.
  2. Tend to your personal care even more. When we ignore our personal care, we create distractions. When we commit to our personal care, we allow room for important messages and opportunities to appear.
  3. Understand your seasons. Yes, you are seasonal, too! When you need to, take extra time out. When you are feeling able, be all in! Put forth your best effort regardless of the season you’re in so you can see the rewards manifest.
  4. Celebrate every step, small or huge! Celebration brings powerful gratitude and love. Express your expanded richness and abundance!

What can you do today to reveal your commitment?

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