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Process Quickly

Process quickly. Don’t wait. The moment you focus on something, you have started the countdown on its unraveling and entropy. Move into and through it quickly and with purpose.

Don’t Wait

Embrace it. Whatever is coming to you, embrace it. Heartache, grief, joy, wonder, curiosity, questions, fear… embrace it. When you do this, you allow acceptance to find you and resistance, and thus additional pain and conflict, departs.

Embody it. Feel it. For just a moment. Identify where in your body it has taken residence. What does it feel like? What physical sensation arises? What emotional sensation arises? What thoughts arise? Just notice them.

Employ it. Use these feelings as springboards to expression. Use them to help you reveal and heal whatever lies beneath them. Everything is connected. When you employ these feelings and express them fully, all things attached to them become apparent and you can choose to release many things by employing only one.

Process Quickly

Integration may take some time but have courage and process quickly. Raise your vibration through the joy of release. Laugh at the ease and romance your soul through the wellspring of love you find at the center of all things. Once you clear all those feelings and thoughts, your loving expression can shine through.

If you’d like to explore this further, I encourage you to make an appointment with me. You can access my calendar here. I invite you to connect with me for FREE in August. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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