Jean Hamilton-Fford, TISocORI, Shedding Light, Keep the Faith

Keep the Faith

If you want to change the world, you have to keep the faith. But, what is faith?

Faith is Fundamentally Confidence and Trust

Faith is active now. We are confident enough in ourselves and trust ourselves enough to make decisions and to know that everything will work out as it needs to, not for or because of us, but because it is determined by something much more than who we are. We are confidently doing our part, the best we can with what we have and know in every moment.

We believe in ourselves, in our core values of love, compassion, and kindness. We believe that we are supremely able to move forward with grace to change ourselves first and, by doing so, to impact and influence others in a robustly positive way.

We are Each a Spark of Divine

Jean Hamilton-Fford, TISocORI, Shedding Light, Keep the Faith, Spark of Divine

It doesn’t matter if you believe that you are a spark of the Divine. There is no escaping it. You are filled with breath and blood and Spirit. You are stardust and firelight. You are phenomenal and magnificent, a creature of such divine presence and wonder.

You are meant to be tempered by the fire of your challenges and struggles to build fortitude, character, and tenderness. You see, there is a reason for everything even though we may never know what it is. Be at peace.

The light that you are today will burn brightly for generations. With every interaction you have, a piece of you is left in energetic exchange. Light travels. It travels faster and farther than we can humanly deign to catch it, hold it, or keep it.

Light floods into every crack and crevice of your thoughts, your cells, your deepest emotion because it is already within you.

You change the world by courageously and confidently shining your light!

We Plant Seeds and Grow Roots

Jean Hamilton-Fford, TISocORI, Shedding Light, Keep the Faith, Grow Roots

We are always planting seeds and growing roots through our connections and interactions.

Every time we have a thought and this thought results in any action, no matter how small or big, we have planted a seed of connection and are growing tendrils which become the roots of our experience.

Every time we learn something new, we seed our connections of our previous experience and this quickly becomes embedded in the developing root to strengthen and nurture it. It will thicken and take shape. Be sure to fill it with love, compassion, and kindness.

Every time we allow something or someone to touch our heart or we touch the hearts of others, we are providing an energetic exchange that nurtures and nourishes the roots we have made. Allow them to grow with love, support, and encouragement.

You change the world through nurturing yourself and others with loving-kindness.

It Happens Every Day

There is no escaping the divine essence of you! Let it shine! Make love and kindness the way you see and move in your world. Become a world-changer! Keep the faith!

JOIN US. We have a radical intention of living a robustly positive and meaningful life. We are changing the world!

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