Jean Hamilton-Fford, TISocORI, Shedding Light, Find Your Depth

Find Your Depth

Have you ever wanted to find your depth? If you want to find out, I have an exercise to share with you.

Before I do, however, one little note: You will, most likely, not complete this exercise the first, second, or tenth, or even hundredth time you attempt it. It is worth the attempt, though.

12 Days to Peace and Clarity

This is an exercise in intention isolation. Let’s set up the ground rules:

  1. No other human or pet is to be in contact with you during these 12 days.
  2. No technology is to be used: no mobile phone, tablet, computer, television, radio, landline, etc. No electronics that would give you any connection to the outside world for 12 days.
  3. No recreational or over-the-counter drugs or alcohol for these 12 days.
  4. No games or other nonsensical distractions for these 12 days.

The idea is that you will only be in contact with you, distracted by you, spoken to by you, touched by yourself, fed by yourself, sleep by yourself, etc. for these 12 days.

You may have a pen/s and paper for these 12 days.

Here’s the Exercise

Isolate yourself for 12 days. As you shut the door to the outside world and all connection with anyone or any pet for 12 days, you may feel a little trepidation. It’s normal and it is your first indicator that you need to breathe.

Take a breath. Release it slowly and reassure yourself that all is and always will be well. This is the beginning of a beautiful exercise of discovery.

There is no judgement if you only last a few hours or a few days in this exercise. The time that you are able to really find your depth during this time is precious. It will not be undone. It will give you a gift that you will, most likely, not realize until you have returned to the world from which you isolated yourself.

You see, this is an exercise in total self-immersion. Your thoughts, your voice, your tears, your screams into a pillow, your need to shower three or four times a day, your self-imposed fasting, your listening to the beat of your heart and your breath… even to the critical voices in your head that will tear at you until you rise up and decide differently for yourself.

Look for the Beauty

Jean Hamilton-Fford, TISocORI, Shedding Light, Find Your Depth, Look for the Beauty

There is beauty all around you. Can you see it?

You’ll find it in unexpected places. You’ll notice things like the texture of the cushions on the sofa or the softness of the linens on the bed. You’ll taste it in the food that you eat, sometimes for the first time. You’ll feel the water as it cascades down every inch of your body when you shower. You’ll hear it in your breath and in the sound of your heart. You’ll see it in your dreams as you sleep.

You’ll see it revealed in the notes that you make as you journal every day. You will want to journal because it is a way for you to have a conversation with yourself. It will be seen in the doodles that come forth and the shape and brilliance of that inner force, that beautiful energy that rises to drown out all the baggage bias from years gone by to replace it with the decisive and intentional language of love.

Look for the beauty in you. Go to the mirror and really look at just how beautiful you are. There is light in your eyes and maybe even tears. There is experience written all over your face and your hands have such tender moments to recall. There is brilliance in your smile.

Look for the Light

Jean Hamilton-Fford, TISocORI, Shedding Light, Find the Depth, Look for the Light

Light can be found everywhere, too! There is light in every aspect of the love and compassion you unearth over these 12 days. Like every prescription, if you can run the full course, it will keep you for a lifetime. Go the distance.

Light is found when you think you’ve been isolated long enough only to discover there is more to do. Honor yourself. Stay the course.

Light is found in the new courage you gain, the empowerment you instill in yourself through independently deciding to keep your own counsel and find your depth.

This is not an exercise for the fainthearted. If you are determined and devoted to find the truth of yourself, to fall in love with all of you all over again, then complete this for you. Do the work. Fall in love with you.

If you’d like to know more about this, please do JOIN US or make a FREE appointment with me during the month of August 2019. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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