Jean Hamilton-Fford, TISocORI, Shedding Light, Drop the Judgment

Drop the Judgment

Every morning resolve to drop the judgment. Let it fall like rain around your feet. In every moment, you are perfect because every moment is perfect. There is no need for judgment.

We are the Same

Jean Hamilton-Fford, TISocORI, Shedding Light, Drop the Judgment, We are the Same

Whether you believe it or not, we are the same. We are all male and female. We are all races, cultures, languages, lifestyles, beliefs, values, and fears. We breathe the same air, have the same biological systems and processes, think, feel, and express ourselves in the same way.

We are the same. We are born, grow, develop, degenerate, and die. We hesitate, take action, decide, waffle, love, hate, laugh, cry, ambulate, and fall the same.

We play games and try our best to control everything. We think we know everything until we realize we don’t don’t anything. We can be soft and hard, disciplined and careless, the worst saboteurs to ourselves and the greatest cheerleaders for ourselves.

We think we have memories and these memories are what we build our lives upon. Then, we realize that our memories are illusion and we build our lives every day writing a new story and creating our world.

We are skilled at putting everything in our way because we believe that life is hard and we must struggle to succeed.

What is Your Mountain?

Jean Hamilton-Fford, TISocORI, Shedding Light, Drop the Judgment, What is Your Mountain

Whatever your mountain is, therein lies your judgment. It is shrouded in an atmosphere of guilt and shame, and it is solidly built on the sands of our baggage bias.

Baggage bias is the pseudo-truth we derive from our past experiences.

We nurture this mountain with everything we can. We listen attentively to the sounds that come from it and tell ourselves over and over again that this is who we are.

Let love erode this mountain. Be gentle and compassionate with yourself. We are ‘conditioned’ through our lives to believe our thoughts and emotions and to rely on our memories to give us meaning and to establish a springboard for the future.

My friends, that springboard is built on the sands of time. They are shifting.

Let love some room in this mountain. Tend the fires of possibility and allow that love to shine! Fuel these fires with the oxygen of curiosity and wonder. Suspend what you think you know, release the memories you hold, and allow yourself to approach every day brand new, with a beginner’s mind. Ask, ‘What else?’ instead of ‘What if?’

Go ahead… dress every day with the creation of a new world that supports and encourages you. Let the day love you! Write a new story every day. Drop the judgment of your past and be present.

If this has touched you and you’d like to discuss it further, please reach out and contact me. I’d be delighted to speak with you.

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