Ever wonder what it would be like to live a 'perfect' life? What would that be for you?

Most of us live 'imperfect' lives and we struggle, at times, to keep going. Perhaps it's time to see our 'imperfect' lives as absolutely perfect for us. 

We are an irrepressible, enthusiastic, exuberant, unquenchable, buoyant, and somewhat rebellious group who desire nothing more than to shed some light on what it means to live a robustly positive and meaningful life.

We start with...

An attitude of respectful, helpful, & kind

From this willing space of peace and love, we can approach our day with clarity and confidence and manage whatever comes our way with grace.

cultivating enthusiasm & cheerfulness

Acknowledging the brilliance in ourselves and others and sharing that with everyone so they are able to see it in themselves.

Practicing Honesty with diplomacy

Willing to state our point of view from a state of compassion and to see the reflection in ourselves more clearly.

being fully present

Understanding that the present is the only time we have to shift the trajectory of our lives and the strength to be here, fully present.

We work with individuals...

ready to change their lives

Those ready to clear the rubbish from their lives and embrace a more positive and life-affirming focus.

ready to activate their own lives

Learn new skills, explore new ideas, and consider fresh perspectives to activate and stimulate your life.

ready to change their communities

Be a positve role model and become more actively involved in the communities in which you live and work.

ready to contribute and participate

Actively engage with the other members of this group and share your own experiences, knowledge, and perspective.

A plan for everyone.

Three simple ways to get started today.


You are a Friend.

You want to contribute towards the work we do without being too involved.

You'll be able to read the blog posts and be invited to events.

and more...

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You want the full works. You are a Participant.

You want to participate in everything!

You want access to everything, including the opportunity to speak 1:1 with the founder.

and more...

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You want to be part of the community. You are a Member.

You want access to most everything.

You want to know about events.

and more...

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For any questions regarding our pricing plans above, don't hesitate to contact us!

We're beginning to build...


If you support the crowdfunding program above, you'll see we are beginning to assemble funds to have a location to gather.


Over time, there will be more content here to share and explore. As a member, you'll be able to see much more of it.


Through our interaction and our willingness to share we are exposing our humanness and our vulnerabilities. This aids compassion.


As we go, you will find opportunities to demonstrate care and compassion towards those who need encouragement. Be bold and care!